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Völkl VCell V1 MP

Völkl VCell V1 MP

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The Völkl VCell V1 MP tennis racket blends power, control, and maneuverability to suit a wide range of playing styles. With its versatile mid-plus head size of 100 square inches, this racket provides a balanced feel for players seeking precision and power. The VCell technology integrated into the frame enhances stability and responsiveness, ensuring clean ball contact and improved feel. Weighing approximately 11 ounces (unstrung), the V1 MP offers a solid yet maneuverable feel, allowing players to transition smoothly from baseline rallies to net play. Its open 16x19 string pattern encourages spin generation, enabling players to add depth and variety to their shots. Whether you're unleashing powerful serves or executing precise groundstrokes, the Völkl VCell V1 MP delivers reliable performance and responsiveness with every swing.

- Head Size: 100 square inches
- Length: 27 inches
- Weight (unstrung): Approximately 11 ounces
- String Pattern: 16x19
- Construction: VCell technology integrated frame
- Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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