Which Tennis String Is Right for Me?

Which Tennis String Is Right for Me?

There are clearly a lot of things to consider when selecting a string but the main factors to consider in strings are power, spin, comfort and control.

Before making any kind of decision about type of string, take a minute to ask yourself which of these factors are the most important to you, because the answer will help when it comes to chose the right type of string for you. 

Although strings are made from a wide variety of materials, the three most common are nylon, polyester and the serous membrane of cow intestines.

These materials are used in the four main types of string:



Best for: Comfort | Power | Feel

Multifilaments use ultra pliable synthetic fibers to help absorb impact shock and load the ball with power. In addition to being friendly to your joints and tendons, this string type will help you keep the ball deep and frustrate your opponent with higher levels of pace.

These strings are known to have a solid, all-around feel that produces a combination of spin, power, control, and durability. 

Of all of the types of string, multifilaments best combine playability and durability.


Best for: Maximum Control | Spin | Durability

Polyester strings are for experienced players who require maximum control, spin and durability.

Polyester’s magic lies in its stiff monofilament construction, which gives strong players the needed control to swing bigger without fear of overhitting.

The upshot is more confidence when playing aggressive tennis. Although generally too firm and underpowered for beginners, polyester string construction has benefited from the increasing use of softening agents, resulting in a more user-friendly hitting experience for newcomers. Don’t be confused by the term co-polyester (co-poly), which is used to denote the use of chemical additives.

Polyester strings will generally be less comfortable on joints over time, so this should be kept in mind if a player has chronic pain in their shoulder, elbow, or wrist. 

Synthetic gut

Best for: All-around playability | Value | Ideal for beginners

An obvious choice for value hunters and beginners, synthetic gut combines an easy learning curve with a price that is too good to refuse. 

This string was produced to mimic the feel and comfort of natural gut, but at a more affordable price. This is a great option for players looking for more feel, touch, and control in their game at about a quarter of the price of natural gut. 


Natural Gut

Best for: Maximum Comfort | Power | Feel | Tension Maintenance

Made from the fibrous and stretchy serous membrane of cow intestines, natural gut is the game’s most storied and iconic string type. Although it has been around since the 1800s, the tennis industry has yet to create an alternative that captures the magic of its elasticity, including the unrivaled comfort, power and feel that flows from it. Natural gut also retains its tension and optimal playing characteristics longer than any other string type, a fact that should ease the sticker shock that comes with its premium price tag. In addition to being a popular pick for players with tennis elbow or sensitive joints, natural gut is singular in that it can be tightly tensioned for control and spin without compromising comfort.

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